Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...


20 years experience in Business and Strategic Sourcing across international organisations in New York, Paris and London allow us today to deliver powerful courses, workshops, training and coaching, in English and in French.





  • The Fundamentals of Negotiation
  • Advanced Supplier Negotiation
  • Advanced Negotiation in Multicultural Settings



  • Les Fondamentaux de la Negotiation
  • Optimiser Vos Negotiations Fournisseurs


Strategic Relationship Management



  • Supplier Relationship Management and Measurement
  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement
  • Constructive Multi-Country Stakeholder Management



  • Engager et Convaincre les Parties Prenantes dans l'entreprise, en personne et a distance
  • Gestion de la Relation Fournisseur
  • La Relation Client du Point de Vue de l'Acheteur

Purchasing Project Management


  • Introduction to Tendering
  • Writing Sound Tender Specifications and Scope  of Work
  • KPI identification and Measurement
  • Introducing and Implementing a New Provider Across the Locations: approach and challenges
  • Pitching Your Project To Senior Management



  • Introduction au Lancement d'un Appel d'Offres
  • Vendre, Presenter et Mettre en Place un  Nouveau Fournisseur au Travers de l'Entreprise: approche et challenges
  • Pitching Your Project in English To Senior Management


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Our Public Speaking training is now available in French at CFD.


This complimentary book contains also great stories and situations encountered by non-native English professionals during job interviews. Available on Amazon.

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