Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

We create the conditions to make the best use of the collective intelligence...

Combined with our 20 years experience in Business and global Sourcing, we use Facilitation techniques and Coaching methods to design interactive and engaging training and workshops, and create the conditions to make the best use of the collective intelligence.


Let us get your teams speak...

  • Negotiation Skills:
    • ​Clients
    • Providers
    • Stakeholders
    • End-Users



  • Mediation Client versus Strategic Supplier



  • Speech Power and Presentation


  • Leadership 


  • Conflict Management



  • Savings Generator Bootcamp


  • Client Relationship Management


  • Supplier Relationship Management


  • Stakeholders' Engagement and Management



  • Purchasing Project Management


Making your teams question, share, broaden, challenge, develop...

- How to improve and optimize our relationships with Clients or Suppliers?


- How to better engage with our stakeholders in-country and out-country?


- How to improve the perception of Procurement, or any other functions, within the organization?


- How to reduce costs and generate savings?


- How to generate value and efficiency in processes and change management?

- (..)

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Our Public Speaking training is now available in French at CFD.


"Je tenais a vous remercier pour votre implication sans faille et pour avoir délivré la valeur que nous attendions de ce séminaire"- Janssen's Country Manager NEMA, Paris, France


"Great feedback from the students, thank you!! " - MC R, Kaplan International, London, UK


"maLika has a gentle strength which empowers you in such a way that you feel challenged and supported at the same time" - David S., London, UK


"Introducing my new office! Thank you maLika, the advice and support you gave me have been essential" Alex P., Program Manager, London, UK

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