Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

Business/ Entrepreneurial/ Freelancing

LinkedIn Business Profile

LKC helped many freelancers formalize a strong profile and understand how to exploit the multiple benefits of LinkedIn for their specific activity or business

Website Content and Translation

These days, your website tells it all... LKC takes a look at it and help you improve it so it becomes stronger, in English and/or French

Free Business Advice

Sometimes, it just takes one single relevant input to save you an immense amount of time or money. LKC provides free advice so you can keep moving forward and in the right direction. Email us on:

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" Malika,
Je peux pas m’empêcher pour te dire que t'as fait vraiment un super boulot pour le English Website . Felicitations! "
- R.S, IT services provider


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Our Public Speaking training is now available in French at CFD.


This complimentary book contains also great stories and situations encountered by non-native English professionals during job interviews. Available on Amazon.

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