Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

Likacoaching SOS Job Interview

Interview Preparation and Mock Interview

Likacoaching will get you ready to respond any type of interview questions

SOS Interview

Demonstrate, Articulate, Emphasize, Highlight, Showcase, Impress, Convince

Interview Preparation

At the end of the session (75 mins) you will know how to:

  • Deliver a powerful career itinerary introduction i.e. Tell me about you
  • Answer competency-based questions using a structural story-telling technique
  • Showcase why you are a good fit for the company
  • Answer difficult questions and Ask relevant questions
  • Use strong and wide business English terminology

                      £95 or €105 (incl. VAT)


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Mock Interview

 At the end of the session (45 mins interview- 15 mins debrief), we will provide you with:

  • Constructive feedback and tips to showcase your career itinerary and areas of strength
  • A list of key points to work on, prior to your real interview

                   £80 or €90                                              incl. VAT


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Preparation and Mock Interview

2 separate sessions as described above


  • The combination of Preparation and Mock Interview sessions have demonstrated excellent results among our clients; immediately or throughout their job search journey
  • We usually recommend a minimum of 24 hours in between the two sessions


                  £160 or €175

                          incl. VAT


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“ Clear and straightforward, very helpful advice. Thank you! ”

Sabrina, London


“They didn't pick me for the job position but that's fine, our mock interview was really useful to me so next time I'll be more prepared”

Anna, London



"I just wanted to thank you. Today I got a call from N saying that they are going to offer me the position in Birmingham!! Thank you so much for your help, it would have been impossible without you!"

Carlos E., Spain


Here are some of the companies we have prepared our clients for:

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Our Public Speaking training is now available in French at CFD.


This complimentary book contains also great stories and situations encountered by non-native English professionals during job interviews. Available on Amazon.

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