Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

We are dedicated to help professionals develop their outlooks, careers, businesses and activities. Our solid experience in International Business dealings allow us to provide high-impact coaching, workshops, trainings and talks.

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Our History


Likacoaching was born in 2011 in pre-Brexit London and in a context of crisis across the European job market. Thousands of highly educated professionals from around Europe were coming to the boilant city of London to look for a job and start a new life.


The founder, Malika Remili who possesses a solid international business background, began informally and freeheartedly to mentor the new-comers she was encountering in her busy day-to-day social and professional life. Blown by the success of her approaches, she found herself launching weekly workshops to help more people approach efficiently the job market, develop their business English and improve their lives.


Over a period of 4 years, she facilitated more than 100 workshops, featuring various career and self-development topics and attracting participants from about 30 countries. 


maLika's background


After her International Business studies in France and Denmark, she lived and worked in New York, Paris and London where she managed multi-country Purchasing projects for international corporations across various industries as a project manager and as a consultant. 


Meanwhile, she went on studying Neuro Linguistic Programming to understand the thinking and feeling process that lead us all to feel, talk, act and behave the way we do.

Now a certified coach and a facilitator, she has been ever since helping individuals and groups reach their highest goals and aspirations.








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Our Public Speaking training is now available in French at CFD.


This complimentary book contains also great stories and situations encountered by non-native English professionals during job interviews. Available on Amazon.

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