Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

How To Job Search In The Age Of COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues in most countries, millions of people have lost their jobs - or may be loosing their jobs in the aftermath of the confinement. Read More


Les conséquences de la pandémie de COVID-19 ont été multiples et malgré une économie forte, le Luxembourg est entrain de vivre les meme défis que les autres pays ... Lire


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The consequences of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have been multiple and despite a strong economy, Luxembourg has been going through challenges like the other countries...

The Truth About Negotiation

Negotiation is a popular topic these days and it has come a long way… A once adversarial and lonesome event has evolved into a relationship-based, ongoing process... Read More

Your Negotiation Skills


Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate... Read More


Seven ways to succeed in a video or phone interview


A common mistake for phone and video interviews is to approach the situation more casually because... Read More

The Big 5 of Our Personality


Psychologists consider that the personality is made of 5 elements: openness to experience, extravertion, agreeableness, neuriticism Read More




20-09-2017,Luxembourg: Making Diversity Work in Business and Government: What to Do and How to Do It


More than 130 attendees in Luxembourg yesterday. Quality speakers, and though-provoking comments. Thanks to Amcham for organizing.

More and More Americans Consider Home Their Workplace, a Trend That Will Grow in Europe Too

If you’re visiting, you probably understand that remote work is a growing trend, with more individuals and companies taking part than ever before. But do you know how much it’s growing? Read More

The Ins and Outs of An Internship

The Ins and Outs of an Internship (ELJ July 2017)

In most countries, work experience combined with the relevant qualifications is a significant asset to kick-start the development of a career. 

Some call it an “internship”, others “graduate program” or “work placement”… Depending on the country, internships have various rules, regulations and perceptions. They can be paid by law or not paid at all; they can be mandatory or facultative; they can be considered as a proper job or just as a student project… Hence why it is always useful to understand how the concept of the internship is perceived in your targeted location in order to better strategise your search. Read More

Building Rapport When You Work Remotely

Building Rapport When You Work Remotely (ELJ June 2017)

Working remotely is not for everyone but everyone can successfully do it if you follow certain rules. When you work remotely, you need to continuously think through one key matter Read More

Public Speaking and Self- Marketing

Public Speaking and Self Marketing

At one point or another, in our professional or personal life, we are led to speak in front of a group of people. If for some people speaking in front of an audience appear to be easy, for others it is a huge challenge...

Work in Luxembourg

Work in Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and in particular its capital, offers a truly cosmopolitain environment... 

Work in London

Work in London

As an expat, you will appreciate working in London due to the professional opportunities the city offers. Not only is the financial sector thriving again, but the creative industries also prosper... 

Are you Emotionally Intelligent?

Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Emotional intelligence is crucial in our day-to-day living, for our well-being and our relationships with people...



The Secret of Happyness

The Secret of Happyness

Happiness or the feeling of happiness is when you are absolutely conscious of your well-being and depend on 4 factors...



CV Writing: UK CV Versus Other European Countries' CV

CV Advice: UK Resume vs. Other European Countries' Resume

Malika Remili, a certfied Career and Vocation coach who coaches professionals from all across Europe, write today's article. We thought it would be useful to ask her to go through the variations that lie between the UK Curriculum Vitae compared to the other European countries CVs...



Famous Career Shifters...

Career Shifter 

Some celebrities and VIPs tell you their thoughts about changing career... Read More



First Impression: 3 Seconds To Impress or Depress

First Impression: 3 Seconds to Impress or Depress

No matter what is your belief or ideology about 'appearance'- i.e."it's what's inside that counts", or "appearance is superficial, I want to be accepted for who I am, not how I look"- Unfortunately, it won't stop anyone's eyes to see and it won't stop anyone's brain to think and judge... 


Networking Skills: The Art of Building Alliances

Networking Skills: The Art of Building Alliances

Malika Remili, Career and Vocation coach answers 6 frequently asked questions about Networking...


The Power of Facilitation

The Power of Facilitation

The way to make the most of your audience using facilitation techniques to gain insights and results...


Your LinkedIn Usage

Your LinkedIn Usage

10 tips to optimise your LinkedIn profile...


Maximise Your Self-Confidence

Maximise Your Self-Confidence

20 ways to maximise your motivation and self-confidence...


The Power of Coaching

The Power of Coaching

Quotes addressing the power of coaching...



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"Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre implication sans faille et pour avoir délivré la valeur que nous attendions de ce séminaire"- JANSSEN's Country Manager NEMA, Paris, France


"Just want to thank you personally for the very interesting and fruitful Negotiation training. We could feel that you talked out of your experience and out of the real life.The training totally fulfilled my expectations and we’ve also had some fun with the whole group! "E.W, Logistics Manager, KUEHNE+NAGEL


"I liked how motivating the trainer was and how she built my confidence and gave tips on how to control stress and pressure in public speaking" - CARGOLUX


"Great feedback from the participants, thank you!! " - MC R, KAPLAN International, London, UK


"maLika has a gentle strength which empowers you in such a way that you feel challenged and supported at the same time" - David S., London, UK


"Introducing my new office! Thank you maLika, the advice and support you gave me have been essential" Alex P., London, UK

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