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How To Job Search In The Age Of Covid-19

As the coronavirus pandemic continues in most countries, millions of people have lost their jobs, or work part-time - or may be loosing their jobs in the aftermath of the confinement. 

As a coach, I have heard many stories of people fearing for their jobs and their future, or being unsure about how to carry on looking for a new role when companies are issuing hiring freezes. 

Here are the top 10 actions to do or consider doing when looking for a new opportunity in the age of Covid 19. 
  1. Prioritise getting your basic needs met first - If you've been laid off, apply for unemployment benefits without delay. If you are self-employed, apply for any aids offered by the government. And keep your ears opened, as they may be more aids coming up as the pandemic goes on. 
  2. Get in touch, or stay in touch, with your former employer - Try to get a sense of whether or not they may be in a position to re-hire you in the near future.
  3. Don’t panic, resist the urge of applying to everything and anything!  - In times of uncertainty, job-seekers can panic and start applying to everything and anything. Resist this urge. What you are really looking for is the sensation of progress - which is inherently motivating - Aim for quality instead of quantity.
  4. Re-set your expectations on career advancementIf you are fortunate enough to have a stable job right now, moving up or pursuing progress of any kind may be on hold. Focus on your most immediate needs like security and safety, food and finances. It’s difficult to access higher order strategic thinking when your basic needs feel threatened.
  5. Get crystal clear about your personal finances. As scary as it may be, you need to know what resources can tide you over until you have money coming in again - whether it is in cash or credit. 
  6. Refine your CV, Cover Letters and LinkedIn profile - Now more than ever, it’s important to ensure that your entire job search strategy tells a clear and compelling story- from your cover letter and resume to your LinkedIn profile. Check our CV Pack offer if you need help on this. 
  7. Practice how you present yourself in virtual interviews – Learn to come across as someone clear and consistent so you are perceived as memorable, trustworthy, and authentic. You can contact us to schedule our SOS Interview service so we prepare you for all your future interviews.
  8. Keep networking! – Welcome to the age of online networking! Networking can have a much better ROI when it comes to finding the right opportunities. It’s imperative you continue to grow and activate your network even while practicing social distancing. So what does that look like? Sending lots of initial outreach emails - to former colleagues, mentors, friends, and friends of friends - and asking for a virtual meeting, preferably over video chat. Try to identify common values and shared experiences to foster connection. And then ask outright for their advice. Be specific about what kind of support you need, like getting resume feedback or making an email-introduction to another contact, or putting in an internal referral with HR.
  9. Find every ways to stay active! - If you’re not hearing back from employers right now, what else can you do to stay active in your search? If you find yourself feeling a bit stuck, skills-building might be a wise use of your time. Seek out free guides and podcasts that cover professional development topics, or work on your leadership and communication skills over on platforms like LinkedInLearning. Take this time to audit your online presence to ensure your online brand is helping and not hurting.
  10. Check our one-stop-shop library - Our online Lkc Library aims to consolidate the best online sites for career development and job search. 
Last but not least, get out of your own head and call a friend or loved one. When we are feeling fearful, vulnerable, and worried, we need connection! Pick up the phone or hop on video chat and talk through your search with a trusted ally. Odds are, they will not only be ready and willing to cheer you on, but they might even share a helpful tip or offer to provide support in moving your search along. 


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