Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

Secure maximum value for your organisation


Employing the right negotiation techniques can make

a significant difference between success or failure for the organisation internally and externally. 


We deliver high-impact training in: 


  • Negotiation Skills ( Fundamentals and Advanced)
  • Negotiation with Big Clients
  • Negotiation with Suppliers
  • Negotiation and Leadership
  • Conflict Management
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Dispute Resolution


Role-Play Simulation

We use hypothetical scenarios to put participants in action via one-to-one and multi-party negotiations, so they perform bargaining techniques,  brainstorm options and articulate dispute resolution strategies to reach agreement with customers, suppliers or internal clients/stakeholders. 




Videos Debriefing

We use engaging videos to examine key aspects of the negotiation delivery.



Games are indeed excellent ways to address key elements of the negotiation process so that the participants grasp their values, understand their implications, and remember them!





To design processus that get everyone involved and stimulated. 




Teamworking groups are formed to think, reflect and share situations and challenges encountered in their business and corporate dealings.


We make sure that participants are mingling and connecting with one another. 

Booking and info on:



Nos formations " Prise de Parole en Public", " Savoir Négocier" et "Gestion d'Équipe & Leadership" sont disponibles sur CFD.


"Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre implication sans faille et pour avoir délivré la valeur que nous attendions de ce séminaire"- JANSSEN's Country Manager NEMA, Paris, France


"Just want to thank you personally for the very interesting and fruitful Negotiation training. We could feel that you talked out of your experience and out of the real life.The training totally fulfilled my expectations and we’ve also had some fun with the whole group! "E.W, Logistics Manager, KUEHNE+NAGEL


"I liked how motivating the trainer was and how she built my confidence and gave tips on how to control stress and pressure in public speaking" - CARGOLUX


"Great feedback from the participants, thank you!! " - MC R, KAPLAN International, London, UK


"maLika has a gentle strength which empowers you in such a way that you feel challenged and supported at the same time" - David S., London, UK


"Introducing my new office! Thank you maLika, the advice and support you gave me have been essential" Alex P., London, UK

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