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Buying and Selling

Buying/ Purchasing/ Procurement/ Sourcing


Purchasing is the function of buying Goods & Services from an external source to an Organization.


A Purchasing Department manages Direct Spend  such as Raw Materials, Spare Parts etc.; and Indirect Spend  such as Supply Chain services, Marketing services, Business Travel services, Facilities, IT, Consulting services etc..


The Purchasing Department is one of the most crucial area of the entire organization, thus, needs intensive management.


Purchasing requires strong negotiation skills because you are not only buying from vendors outside the Organisation, but also selling and implementing suppliers and P2P processes across the organisation therefore dealing, head-on, with change management.

Strategy To Unlock Savings and Corporate Value

Selling/ Promoting/ Marketing



Selling is first and foremost a transaction between the seller and the prospective buyer where money is exchanged for goods or services.


The best way to define selling is to focus on the sales skills that are necessary to make that transaction happen. Indeed this function requires highly talented communicators.


Just like the Purchasing function, the Sales & Marketing department is the most crucial area of the entire Organisation because without selling its products or services, a company has simply no reason for being.


Selling requires high communication and negotiation skills, not being afraid to be "out there" looking for new opportunities, and a high amount of tenacity.


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