Developing international lifelong excellence...
Developing international lifelong excellence...

Some Testimonials



Kaplan International, London 2015

" Great feedback received from the students, thank you! "- MC R, Programme Coordinator

For Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies from Johnson&Johnson-

Seminars for 250 delegates, 2014 and 2016- As part of Formapart team: " Je tenais a vous remercier pour votre implication sans faille et pour avoir delivré de la valeur: la valeur que nous attendions de ce seminaire. Je suis ravi de vous avoir fait confiance pour cette aventure."- Janssen's Country Manager NEMA

Le Studio Anthost, New York 2015

"Malika helped us become more strategic in our marketing approach and build a powerful business plan that we were happy to present to potential  investors. " K. H, associate


Individual Coaching Feedback

Bonjour Malika, je suis super content du contenu du CV et de son aspect. Je n'ai strictement rien à dire...c'est un travail de professionnel ! Dominique N., IT Consultant, Brussels, Sept 2017


Malika, tu vas rire... j'ai un entretien !!!!! Suite à la candidature que j'ai envoyé hier avec mon nouveau cv tout neuf !

Olivia T, MKT Program Manager Luxembourg, Sept 2017


"" Introducing my new office! Thank you Malika, the advice and support you gave me have been essential"- Alex. P, Education Program Manager, London


" Hi maLika, since last month I am a Product Manager for L... responsible of the development in terms of strategy, products, sales and customer care. I know that without your help and support, I would not have achieved this role ( after 7 interviews!)"-Robert N., Product Manager, London, UK

" I have remarkably more confidence when it comes to seizing opportunities which relate to my goals. Malika's coaching got me to think outside my usual comfort zone. All of a sudden, many scenarios which I had never really imagined for myself came into my consciousness and opened up the scope of opportunities I wanted to realise for myself. The coaching turned many abstract and even unconscious desires into real and tangible possibilities. It did more than to motivate me, it really inspired me!"- Natacha N, London

Group Coaching and Workshops Reviews

  • Alan V., Luxembourg

    Our charming host and coach Malika is passionate and masters her topics

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    Varun R, Luxembourg

    Professionally organized & conducted

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    Mike, Luxembourg

    Thank you Malika - for a nice and easy overview on how to connect with others

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    Anna V., Luxembourg

    I must say it was very informative. Thank you Malika, you did a great job! I met many new people!




 Malika helped me with my CV when I first started to look for a job in London. With her I did a really powerful CV and it worked! Now that I have the job I like, I attended this seminar to learn how to get the most of linkedin and be in touch with colleagues and clients. I found it really useful and I recommend everybody to attend, even if you are not looking for a job. Linkedin has lots of things to offer and Malika knows very well how to explain and structure it. 

Eva on Jan 26, 2015, London



     This was a great workshop, very insightful and I had lots of go away and work on. I feel so much more confident in being able to fully maximise the potential LinkedIn has to offer. Thanks Malika!!! :O) 

    Nicole Louis on Jan 26, 2015, London



     Attended 2 workshops so far, CV Writing and Interview skills. It was great to find in Malika an outstanding professional and coach, ready to help and to advice according to everyone's needs. I strongly recommend Malika's workshops and I will definitely come again. 

    Daniela on Jan 13, 2015, Londn



     Malika and her career/job coaching comes highly recommended - she takes a case-by-case, holistic view of each client to see where improvements can be made 

    Yousif Nur on Dec 3, 2014, London


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Nos formations " Prise de Parole en Public", " Savoir Négocier" et "Gestion d'Équipe & Leadership" sont disponibles sur CFD.


"Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre implication sans faille et pour avoir délivré la valeur que nous attendions de ce séminaire"- JANSSEN's Country Manager NEMA, Paris, France


"Just want to thank you personally for the very interesting and fruitful Negotiation training. We could feel that you talked out of your experience and out of the real life.The training totally fulfilled my expectations and we’ve also had some fun with the whole group! "E.W, Logistics Manager, KUEHNE+NAGEL


"I liked how motivating the trainer was and how she built my confidence and gave tips on how to control stress and pressure in public speaking" - CARGOLUX


"Great feedback from the participants, thank you!! " - MC R, KAPLAN International, London, UK


"maLika has a gentle strength which empowers you in such a way that you feel challenged and supported at the same time" - David S., London, UK


"Introducing my new office! Thank you maLika, the advice and support you gave me have been essential" Alex P., London, UK

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